10. 09. 11. 08:02 am


Insight from my sensitivity training yesterday.. In order to improve myself, I wanna do 30 new things in 30 days. Bismillah! :D

10. 09. 11. 08:19 am

day two

Tried new dish of crab! Today I had family lunch at Long Beach Seafood, Senayan City. Usually, I’d instantly go for spicy food but today I had blackpepper crab and surprisingly for me, it tastes much better than singaporean sauce crab, their speciality.. :) :)

oh and for info, my list of this 30in30 is to make me (more) brave to take risks, to get me out from my comfort zone. so its not gonna be something spectacular to try (well it could be, if i had the chance) even trying new food can be counted as an achievement hehehe..

10. 09. 11. 08:09 am

day one

played paintball war :)

it was fuuun! Eventhou most of the time i yelled and cried kneeling on the ground, tried my best not to get shot, such a girl ._.