01. 05. 11. 03:06 am

happy bday dean

 birthday cake i made :)

..with the birthday girl

who (alhamdulillah) likes the candy bees!

12. 28. 10. 10:24 am

your pick!

it’s weird how (some) guys think about the girls they’re about to date. some of them stay with basic visual appearance such as beautiful face, pretty hair, skin tone, etc. others consider their fashion style, music taste or books selections (they said it helps if the girl isn’t really cute, actually. don’t ask.) but one of my closest friends do judge a girl based on her.. shoes.


apparently, your converse attracts tshirt-jeans-sneakers guys as well as your pretty heels attracts guys with fancy shoes. sooo.. girls, pick your man, then choose your shoes! :))

11. 21. 10. 08:27 am
freshly picked chili from the family garden, love the bright color, loove the taste! High-res

freshly picked chili from the family garden, love the bright color, loove the taste!

11. 17. 10. 08:30 am

like the lambs and the cows..

pay it forward.

11. 15. 10. 09:44 am

day one

Ok actually, one of the reasons i started blog again is because the company that my bf work for is assigning him out of town :( yes, i was afraid i’m gonna get lonely. And today, as i’m writing this post, he’s already three hours flight away from me. more :( :(

Well it’s only the first day so there’s not much i can tell, but i’m sure we can make it, we’ve been in this situation before, we’re gonna be okay… i guess :)

01. 04. 11. 01:44 pm


you cant make me do things i dont wanna do

12. 08. 10. 07:50 am

big problem, simple answer.

disaat bingung dan labil, kadang-kadang justru the simplest thing bisa bikin pertanyaan terjawab dengan tepat. long story short, pas bingung mau s2 atau kerja, dan butuh keputusan cepat. gak sadar, gw (agak) ngeluh ke sepupu yang dua tahun lebih tua,

"iya.. kalo jadi, awal tahun depan udah mulai matrikulasinya."

"hahaha balik sekolah dong lo yaa, gimana jadi udah pasti?"

"disuruh bokap sih.. sekali-kali nurut deh gue, tapi gimana ya, pengen kerja.. theres still soo much i wana try and i wana do, n i wana do it while i’m still young and have that much choices."

"yaelah shaaas, udah sekolah ajaa, kerja sih sampe tua juga bisa!"

my jaw instantly dropped like :O

oh. iya juga ya. why bother and worry about it now? we’re gonna spend our entire life working, anyway. and i’m not (only) talking about working in an office or anything, the idea is to make money, thru the ways we desire to. she actually mocked me at that time, i’m sure she has no idea how her words affect me. now i’m gonna take advantage of every opportunity that i’ve been given. so thanksss :)

11. 21. 10. 08:22 am
stand out, like mr. caterpillar. High-res

stand out, like mr. caterpillar.

11. 17. 10. 08:26 am

idul adha 2010

today is eid al - adha day, or also known as ‘festival of sacrifice’, the moslems’ religious holiday that celebrates to commemorate the willingness of nabi ibrahim to sacrifice his son in order to obey the mighty god, before god taught him to replace his son ismail with raw, and give the meat to the poor and needy. well i won’t blab much about that because i’m no expert and you all can easily look it up on google, so i guess i’ll just write about today.

most memorable thing today, i saw our goat got slaughtered and i was really, reaally sad. i pat him back when he’s still alive and i swear i saw him crying! his nose was red, his eyes were teary and he were very very quiet, as if he knew that he’s going to do Allah SWT’s command, he’s gonna bring happiness to the needy people who rarely eat meat. but still, it was really sad.. :( now i seriously think that at heart, kampi was stronger than me. oh by the way kampi is a name i gave to him, short for kambing - sapi, or goat slash cow, because of his color.

goodbye and thanks, kampi :’)

anyways, eid mubarak to all moslems and happy becoming hajj and hajjah,  congratulations, have a safe trip back home :)

11. 11. 10. 07:28 am
say please and thank you, even when you’re grumpy.
snow white